Grants for those who help others

” … there may be no better way of advancing the objects one has at heart than to strengthen the hands of those who are effectively doing the work that needs to be done. Not infrequently one hears of persons doing excellent work whose service is cramped, or who are in danger of breaking down through anxiety about the means of living.” (Joseph Rowntree)

The purpose of Open Wing Trust is to enable the enablers. We offer financial and other support to individuals who are in a process of inner change and who are changing the focus of their work towards working with others in need.

Funding Grants up to £2,000

We expect to fund up to three small one-off grants a year, with an individual maximum of £2,000 (total available each year is £4,000).

  • Applications are invited from individuals over 18 living in England and Wales.
  • No grants will be given to organisations or for project costs.
  • Applications made on behalf of others will not be accepted, except when there is an obvious reason.

Apply for a grant…

Our next meeting to consider applications is on 16 March 2019

Recent Grant Money Has Been Awarded for:

  • A keyboard for music therapy
  • Living costs while developing youth theatre
  • Training for work with vulnerable women

Check our guidelines to see if you qualify for grant money…


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